About Glenaholm Motopo

Date of birth: 10.03.2011

Glenaholm Motopo (Imkahena Duduma x Glenaholm Sucha Jewel -Topo for friends-  was brought to me from one of the oldest  Rhodesian Ridgeback kennels – Glenaholm in USA, which was founded in 1949 by Phyllis Mc Carthy. At present  the kennel is running by Litia McCarthy in RSA and Norah Omerod in USA.

The name „Motopo” we have chosen  with my breeder Norah – it comes from the name of the hills in Rhodesia – right now  in Zimbabwe (Motopo Hills) – literally means “hard as a stone”

Motopo has a very interesting pedigree which is based on pure african bloodlines.

Topo is a wonderful dog. He has a positive and strong character and is not aggressive. He is one of the few rhodesians in Poland who is trained – he has passed obedience exams with  very high notes. He is also one of the most titled rhodesians in Poland – International Champion (C.I.B), Multichampion, Multigrandchampion.

Rhodesian ridgebacks are very beautiful and intelligent breed. I have never had a dog with such a connection as with him. The decision to have a Rhodesian was one of the best in my life.

I invite you to meet Topo:)